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Sexlovers and everything befor,after and

in between.Around the globe around the clock!

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MykonCoin Fuck's - >o Ibizacoin

The MykoCoin's are born. And coming to the world,will trade arond the globe like the Mykonians was sailing in the ancient times. 

Myko's bringing you the fun & love you was always looking for. Get your Myko's and ENJOY the Movement.

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Great Party Supplies

Get you'r ticket and fill up your wallets come to the island of Love. MykoCoins give YOU the freedom to pay on Mykonos and in Greece but also all around the globe. 

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We want to give you something back in life.

For tourists from around the globe 

Myko Lovers, Partygirls, Partyboys 

Small & Big spenders as well as Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency intusiasts

 and specially for the inhabitants of Mykonos, Greece and all the  Greeks around the world.

Join the movement !

Myko's are coming to stay and will provide a playground and simple gate to recive payments and exchange your Mykocoins to goods and services online and face to face. 

We are supporting every human being on earth -straight's & the LGBT community as well as boys and girls which are turning into animals when it is about SEX.

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Mykocoin the coin for Mykonians, Partymaker , Sexlovers and everyone else !